DrupalCon Denver Wrapup

Thank you for helping make DrupalCon Denver our most successful conference ever! In the course of five days we rocked 3 amazing Keynotes, 103 Sessions, 14 Pre-Conference Trainings, over 150 BOFs, and blew it out of the water with over 3,100 attendees! (For those keeping track, we beat San Francisco's recorded count - woot!)

Thank you to our many incredible volunteers on the Denver team and the Drupal Association staff for putting in countless hours, and whose time and energy helped make this event possible. You guys rock!


DrupalCon Munich is around the corner: call for papers and registration open

As announced on stage at DrupalCon Denver, we have just opened the Call for Papers for DrupalCon Munich 2012, as well as Keynotes, call for trainings, scholarships, and registration. The Drupal Association and the Munich DrupalCon committee have been preparing for the next DrupalCon for months now. Things will move into high gear once DrupalCon Denver closes its doors, later this week.

Announcing ...


Watch Keynotes via Live Stream!

If you didn't make it to DrupalCon Denver you can still watch our Keynote presentations via live stream courtesy of Brightcove! We roll live at 9am Mountain Time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Watch Live

Keynote Schedule

Tuesday, March 20. 2012
Dries Buytaert

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Mitchell Baker


DrupalCon Trivia Night

Do you think you know EVERYTHING about Drupal?

Well now is your chance to prove it! Pick 3 buddies and bring the team to Drupal's own Trivia Night on Thursday, March 22nd at 9pm, in Room 401 at the Convention Center.

In the grand tradition of pub quizzes, there will be 6 rounds of 10 questions covering everything about Drupal, and a few more about general web topics. Your team will compete with the best of Drupal brains to capture the title of Drupal trivia champions. We'll have a few small prizes to keep things interesting.


Sell Your Books and Schwag @ the DrupalCon Bookstore!

The DrupalCon Bookstore is your one-stop-shop for Drupal schwag. Whether it’s books, t-shirts, stickers, or other cool Drupal gear, the Bookstore is the place for DrupalCon attendees to visit. If you’re interested in selling Drupal gear, then register today. You must complete the Bookstore Agreement in order to sell at the Bookstore.


Birds of a Feather (BoF) Scheduler Now Available!

If you're interested in scheduling a Birds of a Feather session for DrupalCon Denver, the online scheduling tool is now live on our website. BoF rooms are open all day from Tuesday, March 20 at 11 a.m. through Friday, March 23 at 5 p.m. BoFs allow ad-hoc groups to meet and discuss issues that may have a more narrow interest than regular conference sessions, or they can be great places for groups of like-minded individuals to to get together for discussions on a variety of topics.


DrupalCon Training: Security: Process, Code, and Hands-On Training

Whether your Drupal site is for a small-business, a government organization, e-commerce, or health-care data, it is always important to maintain your online security. Being vulnerable to defacement, data breech, theft of your resources or loss of customer data can easily ruin the reputation and business of a company. Then this pre-conference training session on March 19 is the place to be to keep this from happening to you.


Create a Personalized Schedule for DrupalCon

We’ve launched a new feature to help you plan your days at DrupalCon Denver.

It’s simple to use, just log into your Drupal.org account (the one you used to register for DrupalCon) and then visit the Schedule page. There, you will find a list of DrupalCon events organized by day and time. Click on the title of each separate event listing, and conveniently located beneath the event title you will find an “Add to My Schedule” link. Click once and you will have added a new event to your personal schedule!


DrupalCon Training: Making the Switch (for Experienced Developers Moving to Drupal)

If you are an experienced developer ready to dive into Drupal, then take a look at the pre-conference training session “Making the Switch to Drupal.” This March 19, day long course is led by Jeff Beeman, Josh Brauer, and Chris Porter - three experts from the Drupal powerhouse Acquia. With years of experience in both Drupal development and training, you can be confident that you’ll leave with a great perspective on what Drupal can do for you - and you’ll have a great time in the process.

Through hands-on activities, several key topics in Drupal site building will be covered:


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