DrupalCon Denver Wrapup

Thank you for helping make DrupalCon Denver our most successful conference ever! In the course of five days we rocked 3 amazing Keynotes, 103 Sessions, 14 Pre-Conference Trainings, over 150 BOFs, and blew it out of the water with over 3,100 attendees! (For those keeping track, we beat San Francisco's recorded count - woot!)

Thank you to our many incredible volunteers on the Denver team and the Drupal Association staff for putting in countless hours, and whose time and energy helped make this event possible. You guys rock!

To our wonderful sponsors, thank you for your generous financial support. Your contributions to DrupalCon helped us produce an amazing, affordable, high-quality technical event.

We're excited to announce the $333k profit from DrupalCon Denver will be invested back into the Drupal Community. Yay Drupal servers!

Many of the session videos are already online. You can view by session or browse the collection. Our Keynote videos are available here, here and here. Stock up on popcorn!

If you haven't yet completed our overall survey, please do - your feedback helps shape future DrupalCons. Also, please take the time to complete the evaluation for any session you attended - your session speakers will thank you.

Next up is DrupalCon Munich from August 20-24, 2012 - tickets are available now!

Finally, we are thrilled and ecstatic to pass the North American baton over to the DrupalCon Portland team.
Good luck, guys.

This is Denver... signing off.


Is anybody having success watching the Drupalcon videos on Android? They play on my phone, but the blip.tv flash video player seems to have no controls --- no ability to pause, fast forward, or rewind. So the only way to watch is from start to finish, with no interruptions. This makes it impossible to come back and finish a video that I previously started watching, because it has to start from the beginning every time.

I was hoping for a better mobile experience from a conference that had such a focus on mobile devices!

Am I missing something? Does anybody know if there's a better way to watch these on an Android device?

Colorado mountains