DrupalCon Trivia Night

Do you think you know EVERYTHING about Drupal?

Well now is your chance to prove it! Pick 3 buddies and bring the team to Drupal's own Trivia Night on Thursday, March 22nd at 9pm, in Room 401 at the Convention Center.

In the grand tradition of pub quizzes, there will be 6 rounds of 10 questions covering everything about Drupal, and a few more about general web topics. Your team will compete with the best of Drupal brains to capture the title of Drupal trivia champions. We'll have a few small prizes to keep things interesting.


Your DrupalCon Social Life Needs Attention Too

So you’ve registered for DrupalCon, and the official DrupalCon party on Tuesday night March 20, (or have you?!), but we know you haven’t seen all the other events we’ve added to the Parties and Entertainment page. There are many other things going on in the evenings after DrupalCon, and even a ski/boarding weekend at Breckenridge the weekend following the conference! What are you waiting for? Add them all to your calendar!

Party Like It's DrupalCon - Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets are going quickly to the opening night bash, and you have to register for DrupalCon Denver before you can get your own, so what are you waiting for? Tickets are just $25 and you don't want to miss this - more details on the Party page. If you happen to have a conference ticket already, just skip to the end of the registration process and buy an extra ticket at the last step.
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