The DrupalCon Denver scholarship program allows Drupal Community members, who would otherwise not be able to attend DrupalCon, to benefit from the DrupalCon experience as the Drupal Community benefits from each scholar's attendance. Judges will be looking for applicants who have been passionate about Drupal and the Drupal Platform and who would not be able to attend DrupalCon WITHOUT financial assistance.


  • Only voluntary, nonprofit work makes applicants eligible for a scholarship. Working on the Drupal project (core, documentation, events, etc) as part of a paid job does NOT count.
  • Scholarships are both rewards and incentives. Applications will be ranked based on what they have done for Drupal in the past and based on how much their attendance at DrupalCon Denver will benefit them and the Drupal project. These two considerations, as well as their need for financial aid, will be determining factors for scholarship awards.


At every DrupalCon, our staff works hard to fit as many scholars into our budget as we can. Thank you for being extraordinary members of the Drupal Community, we look forward to seeing you at DrupalCon Denver!

How to Apply

The scholarship application form is now closed.


Scholarship Application Window Closes: Nov. 18, 2011
Scholarship Winners Notified: Dec. 2, 2011
Scholarship Winners Announced: Jan. 2 - 6, 2012

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