Credits and Thanks

Without the help of countless organizers, volunteers, and staff from Colorado and across the world, DrupalCon Denver wouldn't be as awesome.

In alphabetical order, here's a list of people who have contributed to the making of this conference and a brief category for their help:


Thanks as well to these folks: first and foremost Isabell Schulz, who really helped us get content and project management started. For help with strategy at different points along the way Jon Clark, George DeMet, and Tiffany Farriss. For help with the website: Jason Flatt and our usability testers: Jeff, Suzi, John and Robbie. Thanks to Rob Wohleb for helping with print.

Drupal Association

And many thanks to the Drupal Association and these individuals for their support and production handling for DrupalCon!


  • Diana Connolly, Groundswell Marketing
  • Hilary Crawford, Groundswell Marketing
  • Bill Madigan, Groundswell Marketing
  • Rebecca Rebosky Dinh, Groundswell Marketing
  • David Davalos, Groundswell Marketing
  • Marshall Riley, Groundswell Marketing
  • Gigi Haycock, Groundswell Marketing
  • Ryanne Hodson, Archive Leads
  • Jay Dedman, Archive Leads
  • Arlaina McDaniel, Convention Center
  • Kate Rizzo, Center Plate
  • Debbie Olivas, Smart City
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