Sell Your Books and Schwag @ the DrupalCon Bookstore!

The DrupalCon Bookstore is your one-stop-shop for Drupal schwag. Whether it’s books, t-shirts, stickers, or other cool Drupal gear, the Bookstore is the place for DrupalCon attendees to visit. If you’re interested in selling Drupal gear, then register today. You must complete the Bookstore Agreement in order to sell at the Bookstore.

Selling your Drupal gear is easy - you’ll be able to enjoy the conference while we handle sales. For more information, check out the DrupalCon Bookstore page.

In addition, we are scheduling the chance for attendees to meet Drupal book authors maybe even get signed copies. See the schedule today!

Remember, supporters of the Drupal Association can buy awesome Drupal shirts year round.

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