Sprints & Coder lounges


Today's sprints are in rooms 401 and 405 at the Colorado Convention Center.
The Core Office Hours for new developers and the issue queue sprints are in 405. All other sprints are in 401.

Sprinting at DrupalCon Denver

At the Convention Center room 601 is for sprints and there's a coder lounge at room 201. The 24-hour coder lounge is at the Hyatt Regency hotel. Room 601 is available for sprinting throughout the conference days (Tues - Thurs) from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. On Friday, rooms 401 and 405 will host larger group sprints open to wider community participation, including some of the featured sprints (see below). Friday sprint times are 9:00 am until beer:30.

Featured Sprints

Proving our community's passion for contributing and improving Drupal, 133 tickets were requested during the DrupalCon Denver Sprint Lead application process. 40 tickets were granted to 13 sprint leads. The extra ticket was given to chx, as the namesake of our coding lounge.

As there were a limited number of tickets, preference was given to sprints that align with the conference theme or contribute to the following categories and goals:

  • Drupal Core (Drupal 8 Initiatives and Drupal 7 improvements)
  • Diverse sprint offering to appeal to a variety of sprinters (novice to expert, designers to coders)
  • Leads with experience in leading effective, productive sprints
  • Strategic relevance to the project as a whole
  • Developer and support workflow improvements
  • Open sprints for novices
  • Module development in key areas

The following sprints were selected to receive tickets:

  • D8 HTML5 initiative sprint
    • Lead: Jacine Luisi
    • Day: Friday
    • Skillset: HTML and CSS
  • D8 Web Services initiative sprint
    • Lead: Larry Garfield
    • Day: Monday and Friday
    • Note: Please contact Larry if you'd like to join this sprint, a lot of prior work has been done and they will jump right in. We also will be improvising as far as space on Monday.
    • Skillset: People very knowledgeable about the menu system, Symfony, HTTP, REST services.
  • D8 Multilingual initiative sprint
    • Lead: Gábor Hojtsy
    • Day: Friday
    • Day: Saturday and Sunday (click the link to the description to see where it's being held)
    • Skillset: Intermediate or expert coders. Documenter. Test writers.
  • D8 Responsive Design sprint (related to D8 Mobile initiative)
    • Lead: Patrick Teglia
    • Day: Friday
    • Skillset: CSS to hard-core hackery
  • Drupal.org Git project applications sprint
    • Lead: Alan Palazzolo
    • Day: Cancelled
  • Core Office Hours sprint (for new core contributors)
    • Leads: Jess (xjm), Tim Plunkett, Cameron Eagans, Lin Clark, Kelly Bell
    • Day: Friday
    • Skillset: Nearly any skill levels and skill set!
    • Participants will get the most out of this sprint if they have some experience with Drupal as a site builder or developer, are willing to set up a testing environment with git on a laptop (we can have people help with this process), and are willing to look closely at an issue, pay attention to details, and research things that are unfamiliar or unclear
    • We'll have tasks broken down into three categories: (a) Non-technical, (b) Some technical knowledge, and (c) Programmer.
    • The sprint is also an opportunity for experienced contributors to work on core issues, and I hope to have a mix to foster community between new and experienced contributors.
  • Distribution sprint
    • Lead: Ezra Gildesgame
    • Day: Friday
    • Skillset: Experience working with the Features module, Drush make, and general
      site building and module development skills. Also, folks with an interest in documenting functionality.
    • Note: Sprinters are strongly encouraged to attend the Commons BoFs which
      will be scheduled for earlier in the week to discuss architecture and
      approaches for the Commons move to Drupal 7.
    • For folks sprinting on upgrading COD to Drupal 7, please read the
      status update for COD on Drupal 7.
  • Drupal.org content improvements sprint
    • Lead: Lisa Rex
    • Day: Friday
    • Skillset: Good writing-for-the-web skills, editorial skills and can QA / review other pages content.
    • Sprinters will create the new Drupal site / distribution case study feature, evaluate and migrate the best ones. Encourage the creation of new ones. Design, build and populate content around the new Community, Support and Get Involved pages/features. Improve the About section of drupal.org. Continue clean up of various Book content following the content audit.
  • Media sprint
    • Lead: Dave Reid
    • Day: Friday (some informal work will be done during the week.
    • Skillset: Experience writing SimpleTests, writing documentation, reviewing patches, relatively familiar with the Media and File entity modules, and enthusiasm (or all of the above).
  • Workflow-based module collaboration sprint
    • Lead: Steve Persch
    • Day: Friday
    • Skillset: Comfortable with PHP coding or UX design/testing
  • Drupal 7 performance modules sprint
  • Drupal 8 Field UI sprint
    • Lead: Kristof De Jaeger
    • Day: Cancelled due to travel logistics.
    • Note: this sprint is happening in Belgium on 15/16/17/18th of March in the Krimson offices. Contact Kristof for more info.
  • Improve support options on Drupal.org
    • Lead: Brian Gilbert and Susan Stewart
    • Day: Friday
    • Skillset: Beginners (and Intermediates who'd like to help)
  • Configuration Management API Overview
    • Lead: Greg Dunlap
    • Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 1:00 pm
    • Skillset: Basic PHP coding experience
    • Description: Greg will provide an overview of the new configuration management API for Drupal 8. Learn how to work with the new system and convert your modules to use it in preparation for the big code sprint on Friday!

Friday Sprints

Other essential and interesting sprints are happening on Friday. Look here for more detail as the plans are finalized.

  • Drupal.org Testing System
    • Lead: Jeremy Thorson
    • Skillset: Module development, interest in the testing system
    • Description: Partly focusing on the future of the testing system and architecture, partly taking care of low-hanging fruit issues in the PIFR and PIFT queues.

Friday Sprints for Newcomers

New to Drupal sprinting? More info is coming soon for ways to join in on Friday. Featured sprints that are newbie friendly include:

  • Content Improvement
  • Core Office Hours
  • Improve Support Options on Drupal.org
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