DrupalCon Trivia Night

Do you think you know EVERYTHING about Drupal?

Well now is your chance to prove it! Pick 3 buddies and bring the team to Drupal's own Trivia Night on Thursday, March 22nd at 9pm, in Room 401 at the Convention Center.

In the grand tradition of pub quizzes, there will be 6 rounds of 10 questions covering everything about Drupal, and a few more about general web topics. Your team will compete with the best of Drupal brains to capture the title of Drupal trivia champions. We'll have a few small prizes to keep things interesting.

Of course, you'll have to know it all in your head - strictly no use of mobile devices or laptops, etc. allowed!

We held the first Drupal quiz in Chicago - to wild acclaim, and followed up with a great night in London! See the video for some of the highlights.

Drupalcon Trivia Night London 2012 from subkiteu on Vimeo.

What people had to say on twitter…

  • @joedag32 - Fun times playing drupal trivia #drupalchi even in defeat I was proud of all my teammates
  • @katherinebailey - Most fun #drupalcon activity ever: trivia night by @alanjosephburke & @snpower last night - a drupal-themed pub quiz, Irish style. Awesome.
  • @JasonRaznick - Loving being a room with 200 super brains for Drupal trivia. #drupalchi
  • @stevepurkiss - In Chicago, in a hotel, participating in a pub quiz with questions about #Drupal organised by Irish people. #weirdbutgloriousfun #DrupalChi
  • @belambic - We didn't stand a chance at Drupal trivia night, with people like Moshe, Gabor, @lisarex and @quicksketch in the room #drupalchi

We even featured on Drupal TV.

So don't miss out this time!

The quiz will take place on Thursday, March 22nd at 9pm, in Room 401 at the Convention Center - with a cash bar available. So clear your diaries - this is a night not to be missed. Check our Entertainment page for more fun activities during DrupalCon!

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