Create a Personalized Schedule for DrupalCon

We’ve launched a new feature to help you plan your days at DrupalCon Denver.

It’s simple to use, just log into your Drupal.org account (the one you used to register for DrupalCon) and then visit the Schedule page. There, you will find a list of DrupalCon events organized by day and time. Click on the title of each separate event listing, and conveniently located beneath the event title you will find an “Add to My Schedule” link. Click once and you will have added a new event to your personal schedule!

Once you are ready to view your schedule, click on the “My Schedule” link on the top of any DrupalCon Denver 2012 page (on the top line just left of the search bar). There you will find an organized list of the events you have added. Change it around as many times as you’d like.

See you in Denver!


Would this be possible? It's much easier to see/manage/add items to your schedule when on the main schedule pages, and not having to click through to each node!!

Thanks for all the hard work!

Wish I could add the parties to my schedule ;). Will this be possible soon?

[Exit, pursued by a bear.]

A printable version would be most excellent and helpful.

Colorado mountains