Announcing The Drupal Means Business Event

In today’s world, it’s not enough to have great technology in order to achieve widespread adoption. People have to know the product exists, how to use it, how it will integrate into their systems, how it will save them time, how it will make them money, etc. While the answers to these questions may be obvious to those within the community, businesses evaluating Drupal against other options may not be as informed. This gap in information represents one of Drupal’s biggest challenges. It also represents a huge opportunity.


DrupalCon is Serious Business: What you can expect to learn about Business and Strategy with Drupal

Enough with the fun and games already: Drupal is serious business, and the Business and Strategy Track is here to prove it. With a focus on strategic planning and business management, this track will provide insight on meeting the real-world challenges of today’s economy for organizations adopting Drupal.

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