Session Tracks

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  • Site Building

    Site Building is the art, skillset, and knowledge of building Drupal websites using core and contributed modules. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newcomer, Drupal's modules and browser-based administration allows you to create rich, powerful features without writing a single line of code. The Site Building Track focuses on expanding conceptual understanding of what's possible with contributed modules and the Drupal UI, and showcases best practices and recipes for anyone using creating Drupal sites.

  • Coding and Development

    The Coder track is designed to facilitate communication between developers that write code for their projects or Drupal. We are interested in tracks that focus on Drupal 7 and are looking for three categories of presentations: Drupal core, Drupal contrib, and solutions in other projects or technologies that Drupal can learn from.

    When designing your sessions it is important to keep Drupal Elevated in mind. We are interested in educating the community on methods to push Drupal to new heights. Tools and methodologies to improve the development process from the first line of code to final deployment and maintenance on production environments will be well received. Your audience should be excited and ready to implement what they have learned or run straight to a BOF to discuss.

  • Design and User Experience

    The Design and UX track covers all aspects of front-end design, from initial concept to theme implementation. As web designers and front-end developers, we are in the midst of a paradigm shift as we come to terms with our websites being viewed on a myriad of devices of varying sizes and browsing capabilities. This realization presents new and exciting challenges in design and theming, in which much of our work is still experimental and best practices are yet to be defined. With an emphasis on these new approaches, this track will address design, usability and theming of Drupal sites.

  • Drupal Community

    The Drupal Community track will be used for discussing and presenting ways to continue to grow the Drupal Community. As the community grows, we are continually faced with the issue on how to keep the communications open and helpful to as many members as possible. How do we attract new contributors? How do we keep the old contributors interested and engaged? What's the best way of presenting the community information to the members of the community?

  • Business and Strategy

    The Business and Strategy track will provide insight for effectively managing Drupal projects. It is designed for business owners, project managers, IT directors, and anyone else guiding technology decisions and processes in his or her organization. In this track, you will learn how leading Drupal shops approach project management, client communication, and the business of building websites; see how technology teams across the globe are successfully adopting Drupal in business, government, education, and non-profit sectors; and hear lessons learned from product creators in the community. This track covers the broad topic of business and management with Drupal.

  • Mobile

    The mobile track is focused on using Drupal with new devices. Mobile browsers and native mobile apps are rapidly changing how both visitors and site administrators interact with Drupal. This track will cover making the most of Drupal across these new frontiers.

  • Commerce

    Accepting money online is a key part of many kinds of sites from e-commerce with physical products to non-profit donations to the sale of digital assets. Drupal's extensible nature, great SEO, and CRM capabilities make it a great platform to build your online store. This mini-track covers everything from setting up your first store to advanced developer and designer focused topics.

  • Nonprofit, Government and Education

    This track is focused on ways organizations (Nonprofit/NGO, Government & Education) can best leverage Drupal to achieve greater community impact. Strategies in fundraising, community building, organizing and data management are constantly evolving and so are the numerous ways Drupal is being used to achieve success in these areas. This is the place to share and learn about the latest innovations, case studies, and community resources that impact these sectors.

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