Webform: The Survey Tool For Drupal

Webform is the tool for surveys and data collection in Drupal. Come learn how to make a survey with this popular module. If you've used Webform in the past, come learn about all the things you probably don't know about 3.0 (e-mail attachments, conditional logic, PDF support and more!)


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Tuesday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Site building
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Questions answered by this session: 
How do I make a webform or survey in Drupal?
What kind of data output (submission listings, statistics, Excel exports) can I get from Webform?
How can I send e-mails when using Webform module? And can I send HTML e-mail or attachments in these e-mails?
I have a form with branching or conditional logic, how can I do that in Webform?
What kinds of things can Webform do that aren't included with the basic module?


I am planning to use Webform in an important project, so this will be a great session for me.

But I bet that Quicksketch, Webform's dad, will be able to teach me some new tricks I hadn't discovered, especially where it comes to Webform 3.0.

I'm also looking forward to this session. :-)

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i am especially interested in utilizing web form as it helps reduce the amount of content types needed. But does web form work with modules such as five star and the voter Api?

We have the D7 dev version of webform-fivestar working (http://drupal.org/project/webform-fivestar) on a site.

However there is a bug in the implementation of _webform_display_component in fivestar.inc which prevents fivestar values from being displayed, they are being saved in the database though.

We discovered this while implementing webform to do complex survey collection, haven't yet submitted the bug report or patch.

To fix it you need to do this:

rename _webform_display_fivestar to _webform_display_fivestar_old
copy the _webform_display_component function code from http://api.lullabot.com/file/contrib/webform/webform_hooks.php/7/source
rename the function to _webform_display_fivestar
rework the internals of that function so that the "#value" that is getting returned, is formatted correctly. You can use the old function as a guide for calculating/formatting the $output variable that #value was getting set to.

I am currently using webform for 5 live projects, and I love the module. There are a few work-arounds I had to do based on the fact that all webform data cohabitates in one node. I'd be curious to hear how others are leveraging this module, and how people are getting data out of it (other than the just-as-cool webform-report) I've used Webform MySQL Views with limited success, mostly performance hits when joining the view table back to node.

I know its not what its really for, but I'd like to figure out a way to move some fields in a webform submission into something that will create nodes for other content types.

One of my favorite modules. Thanks!

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