UX design for every screen

Disclaimer: This is a non-technical session and won't teach you how to make your Drupal site responsive. However, there are plenty of other great sessions in the mobile track that dive into code and implementation. In this session, we will explore the how the recent explosion of devices has disrupted the process of designing a website that we've crafted over the past decade. When designers only have one instance of website (i.e., desktop) to design, the layout is uniform. The header, content area, sidebar, and footer all remain static. Furthermore, the elements are relatively uniform as well. Buttons, navigation, typography, and images are all basically the same across across the various pages. But if you are designing a responsive website – one whose look and feel adapts depending whether you're using a phone, laptop, or tablet – then these elements and especially the layout begin to diverge.

What we'll cover

  • The new process
  • Mobile first strategy
  • Content strategy
    • Design strategy
    • Design patterns
    • Prototyping!
  • Best practices
    • Layout
    • Media
    • Gestures
    • Progressive enhancement
  • Tools
    • Responsive media
    • Frameworks
    • Testing
After this session, you should leave with the confidence to argue the importance of responsive design to your client or boss – and that the with the proper strategy, the extra effort and costs can be justified (and hopefully minimized).

Who should attend this session?

This session is non-technical, and will benefit any UX/interaction designer, design director or product owner/stakeholder who is building a new responsive website, or wants to convert their existing site to be Future Friendly.


Time slot: 
Wednesday 10:45am-11:45am
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
Why is a good content strategy more important than ever?
How has the wireframe to comp to build process changed?
How can design patterns/style guides speed up this process?
What are some mobile UX design best practices?
What tools will help me prototype and test for multiple devices?
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