Thinking big: Assembling a Drupal Web Experience Management Powerhouse

Drupal is disrupting the traditional CMS market & is winning. Organizations large and small are adopting drupal and the WCM/CMS market is gaining momentum again. For every market action, there's a reaction. Proprietary vendors are responding - Adobe, Oracle & Salesforce are all buying technologies to tell a new story of "Web Engagement Management." This is a label given to platforms designed to equip marketers with the tools to do more, with less developer involvement, and measure the the results. These tools let marketers answer the big question: are their websites succeeding at their basic mission of getting the right message, to the right users, at the right time, through the right channel? Fortunately, Drupal already has a pretty good answer to this "big question" - and any gaps that exist can be filled by a passionate Drupal community. This talk will dig into the Drupal projects that already (or need to) exist to build a killer Web Experience Management solution, including:
  • GUI-based page layout tools for content creators (vs. site builders)
  • Workflows that don't suck
  • Content reusability
  • Media management on steroids
  • Mobile presentation layer as part of content creation
  • A/B and multivariate testing for marketers
  • Analytics that show whether web investments are working
(Note: For reference, Web Experience Management (WEM) is also called Web Engagement Management, Customer Communications Management, and numerous other similar terms.)


Time slot: 
Wednesday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Design and user experience
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Questions answered by this session: 
What is "Web Experience Management", is it different from "Web Engagement Management", why should a Drupal development shop care about it, and how does it relate to User Interfaces / User Experience?
What Drupal modules, initiatives or projects are in good shape for building a site providing great WEM?
Where is the innovation happening in Drupal modules, initiatives or projects that can you work on if you want to help create a great engagement platform?
What Drupal projects are Acquia working on to help build a great WEM suite?
What are other content management systems (open source or proprietary) doing that might be showing up in your customer capture process, and how can you combat it?


I was hoping this session would have more information about A/B and multivariate testing. Do you have any additional information or resources about this subject? Thanks!

The video gives the incorrect url for the Layout Manager module; it should be

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