Robert and Jam's Intro to Drupal(Con)

Start DrupalCon off with a huge dose of Drupal Kool-Aid. Robert and jam, two Drupal(Con) veterans will do their best to get you fired up while passing on helpful tips about getting the most from your experience ... and telling bad jokes. This session is an entertaining and informative way to get your Drupal(Con) bearings. We welcome Drupal(Con) veterans and n00bs alike to join us and get your Drupal on! Previous editions of this session have included guest appearances by some Drupal super stars (including The Dries!) and looked something like this:
Time slot: 
Tuesday 8:00am-8:30am
Drupal community
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
Community? What about hooks and nodes and APIs and all the tech stuff? Why Drupal is a bit different.
Value and values: How can I pay the rent AND change the world?
What is the Hallway track? Did you say "beer track"? How do I get the most out of Drupal(Con)?
Where do I ... ? How can I ... ? Who ... ?
Repeat offender? What you should be excited about this time.


This will be a great warmup for the Dries-note. Bring your mobile devices and laptops, they'll be needed!

Can't wait!!

Brian Allen
Principal, Appropriate Technology Group - (206) 973-7374

This was a nice, relaxed ice-breaker. These guys were funny and not too full of themselves. Appreciated.

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