Making Drupal Core Mobile-Friendly

Drupal Eight needs to be mobile-friendly. One of the tasks in the core Mobile Initiative is to bring a quality user experience to the administration interface in line with the expectations set by native applications. This session covers the challenges, pitfalls, and potential solutions for the initiative, as well as outlining future road maps and how you can get involved. Bartik and Seven are also being transformed into device-independent, responsive designs. This session details the challenges involved in providing out-of-the-box responsiveness in core themes, how we are solving these challenges, and what the future might hold beyond current solutions.
Time slot: 
Wednesday 2:15pm-3:15pm
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
What problems and pain points do we face bringing a complex web application like Drupal on to mobile devices?
Mobile devices have unique characteristics and capabilities. How can we design to take advantage of this?
How are we implementing HTML5, CSS3, and media queries in Drupal core?
What are our cross-device, cross-platform, cross-browser testing strategies?
How can someone get involved in core design and theme development? How can someone help make Drupal 8 better?
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