Integrating Drupal With Nonprofit CRMs

Case studies of how Drupal can be integrated with nonprofit CRM systems. Each case study will focus on a different CRM including: CiviCRM Convio Blackbaud Sphere Salsa Salesforce


Time slot: 
Wednesday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Nonprofit, Government & Education
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
What does each of these CRM systems do
What are the integration options with each CRM
How are organizations integrating Drupal with each of the CRMs
How do I determine what CRM system to use with Drupal


It seems that you've grouped open and for-profit CRM system names. I think a more accurate, but longer, title would be: "Integrating Drupal at nonprofits using open and proprietary CRMs."

these are good slides, could you post them?

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