HTML 4 S - While We're Waiting for the Revolution

This is the future. So where's my html5css3responsiveSemanticalDrupal8 site that's easy to put my design on top of? It has been 15 months since Drupal 7 was released. The html5-css3-responsive is the new black & IE6 is dead & IE7 is getting closer to the grave \m/. With the mobile browsers hell is coming at us and Drupal 8 is not here yet for several more months - bummer! So how can we get the Drupal frontend up to speed with all the html5css3responsive awesomeness?

Drupal frontend love from <head> to <footer>

This session will be focused around the real-life, nitty gritty dirty frontend solutions & tricks that your mom warned you about & your father told you not to do & developers are afraid to touch cause it might "break". This is design implementation done right & NOT the way Drupal thinks it should be. We're gonna kill the Divitis & take on the .class war, fix the CSS overload with a BAT, and look goddamn good on the screen, mobile, iPad & lynx (almost kiddin). This is gonna be extremely hands-on from the header to the footer, licking every template & function we can find - making sure we're getting in there where it's actually itching: the markup to design implementation.


Time slot: 
Tuesday 3:45pm-4:45pm
Design and user experience
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Questions answered by this session: 
The importance of Markup: Why its SO essential for us to control the markup, how to do it today without loosing your hair.
Design implementation your way, not the "Drupal way", its possible.
Why the frontend is the way it is. The real reason why things are as they are. What & how they can (should!) change in the future.
Do you need a module for that? Well do you?
Are you a Drupal HTML5-css3-responsive-mobile-web-hero(ine)?
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