Essential Knowledge for Drupal Beginners

This session gives an overview of essential skills and knowledge you need to acquire when starting to use Drupal. It assumes nothing about your prior Drupal knowledge, but provides you with a map and guide book for getting into the Drupal world. You will learn how to talk Drupal-skeep like a Drupal geek. Some topics covered:
  • Drupal in a perspective: what it is, and its good and bad sides
  • Typical Drupal skills: What kind of Drupal people are there?
  • Tech knowledge you need to know about in the Drupal world
  • The Drupal community: understanding and accessing it
  • How Drupal work is being organized
  • Five ways to make Big Drupal People like you (and why that is a good thing)


Time slot: 
Tuesday 1:00pm-2:00pm
Drupal community
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
What makes Drupal special as a site building tool?
What kind of Drupal skills should I try to learn?
What's the Drupal community like, and how can I join it? (Yes, you want to!)
How is work on Drupal projects managed and organized?
How can I become a Drupal rock star?


I'm not a total beginner but I'm looking forward to attending this and meeting Johan Falk. He's done a lot of great Drupal community work and has helped me tremendously.

Not totally new to Drupal but its good to see an overview from your point of view. No worries about moving quickly. That works for me.

Good luck with your teaching cert!

It will be a big loss to the Drupal community if he doesn't stay involved.

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