The Drupal Marketplace: How "What We Sell" and "How We Sell it" Affects the Community, Our Clients, & Drupal

You only have to look as far as a DrupalCon trade show floor to see that Drupal is "for sale." We sell convenience and customization in Drupal through managed services and SaaS solutions; we sell Drupal beauty through design services and themes; and we sell greater usability through distributions and apps. But whereas selling Drupal services has always been a known element of the Drupal ecosystem, the concept of "products" is newer, scarier, and the subject of a lot of community debate. Panelists from four firms known in part for their "Drupal products" will weigh in on the issue of products, services, and the community in Drupal.
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Tuesday 10:45am-11:45am
Drupal community
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Questions answered by this session: 
What's a "Drupal product" anyway?
Can product code truly be "contributed" back?
Can we take open source distributions and "sell them" as hosted solutions?
How do we make sure due credit is given?
How do we sell these products and services in a way that serves, rather than detracts from the Drupal community?
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