Drupal Commerce Contrib Overview

Drupal Commerce provides a lean core of commerce functionality, which is meant to be extended with contrib modules for common use cases. But there are hundred of different use cases, and Drupal Commerce on its own can't cover it all. And that's where the magic of the Drupal community comes in. These days everyone is writing a Commerce module. Shipping, stock, migration, affiliation, payment methods, lions, tigers and more! (OK, maybe not lions and tigers). Currently there are more than 50 solutions already implemented and contributed back. This presentation will show you what the "golden" contribs are, covering the most popular use cases, then do a rapid fly-over of other contributed modules on the horizon. Finally we'll show you how we (and you) can keep up with them.


Time slot: 
Wednesday 2:15pm-3:15pm
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
What are the top contrib modules for commerce you need to know about?
Is there a module for doing X in commerce?
But... do I need a module for doing X?
Which contrib solutions are the most stable?
How do I can keep track of the new modules?
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