Drupal Commerce: eCommerce Any Way You Need It

Drupal Commerce is an open source e-commerce framework built specifically for Drupal 7. Its core modules define the basic components and systems you need to do business online without hard-coding assumptions for any particular business model, allowing you to configure Drupal Commerce to meet your business needs instead of getting in your way. Come hear Ryan Szrama:
  • Present Commerce Guys' vision for the project
  • Provide an update on the Drupal Commerce roadmap
  • Introduce you to the functionality provided by Drupal Commerce out of the box
The introduction will be followed by a fast-paced, high energy technical demonstration of the latest release of Drupal Commerce that covers everything from installation and configuration to store administration and the customer experience. Any time remaining will be spent on Q&A, with attendees free to browse a demonstration site and/or explore a starter installation profile during and after the session. To get a feel for Drupal Commerce in advance, check out the demo site or install it locally using Commerce Kickstart, which installs all the necessary modules and provides some very simple example store content.


Time slot: 
Wednesday 10:45am-11:45am
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
What tools does Drupal Commerce provide for building e-commerce websites and applications?
What contributed modules are available for extending Drupal Commerce functionality?
Where can I find resources and support for developing with Drupal Commerce?
What is the current status of the project and its roadmap?
Why is daily flossing important?


looking forward to this

Thanks for the great work! Gives me hope to move away from Ubercart.

You mentioned in the Q&A that http://www.coals2u.co.uk by http://www.livelinknewmedia.com used domain access to have a central site which pushes out content to satellite sites. I wrote a case study for the Blue Drop Awards which goes into some detail about the site http://www.bluedropawards.org/best-marketplace-website-built-with-drupal...

Thanks for the informative presentation. It was helpful to get some insight into the roadmap for future plans.

--Paul Johnson
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