Designing Fast and Beautiful Maps

Alex and Eric from Development Seed will show how to design beautiful custom maps using MapBox's open source tools. The session will start with a walk through of how web mapping works. This will include several deep dives into examples to show the art of the possible targeted at both technical and non-technical users. At the halfway point the talk will quickly get hands on and look at how to actually design a custom map in TileMill with users only needing a basic understanding of HTML/CSS. By the end of the session everyone will have seen a slippy, mobile-friendly web map made from scratch and launched on a Drupal site. Sample fast maps made with TileMill: - - - - - See other examples on:
Time slot: 
Tuesday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Design and user experience
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
How does web mapping really work?
How can I make completely custom maps down to the actual tiles?
How can I make my maps faster?
How can I add custom maps to Drupal and what modules should I use?
How can I have dynamic data show up on my map?


This will be a great session. I definitely want to see this. Dev Seed's work with mapping and Drupal is truly cutting edge, and a driving force in growing Drupal as a world class web platform.

can't wait for this, too bad there aren't more mapping sessions at drupalcon!

looking forward to this

It it possible to get a copy of a better video quality of this presentation?


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