Designing for Content Management Systems

The job of a web designer these days includes designing for content that changes, is highly dynamic, and often does not yet exist. Gone are the halcyon days of static, 5 page websites that are just as rigid as a printed brochure (let's be honest, we don't miss that). This reality has created a great deal of debate within our industry and a fair amount of difficulty in our design processes. In this session we'll cover some basic design concepts and principles that can be applied when designing for CMS-driven websites. We'll also outline some tips and tricks for your design process, and explore some of the biggest hurdles and potential pitfalls in designing for yet created and ever-changing content.


Time slot: 
Wednesday 3:45pm-4:45pm
Design and user experience
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Questions answered by this session: 
How do content management systems think?
How do you design for not-yet-written content?
What should the design process look like when designing for content management systems?


Hi Jared,

firstly thanks for this highly amusing and informative session. It is encouraging to see more design related content in DrupalCon and of such high calibre.

You mentioned in your session you planned to post links. Where might I find these?


Paul Johnson


--Paul Johnson
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