Design Thinks in Patterns

Designing for the web used to mean creating solutions for specific screen sizes and limited experiences. Let's be honest, that hasn't been true for awhile now. The medium is fluid, I think our approach to design, or design thinking, has to be fluid as well.

Design thinking for systems like Drupal can be demonstrated through patterns that can flex and respond to various contexts. Patterns are here to help and I like helping so I want to share the goods on all the patterns I've been capturing and developing. This session spans the more traditional web, mobile web and well... any web (just not for spiders, ew). One web to rule them all.


Design and user experience
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
How do you think for systems?
What are design patterns and when should you use them?
How does design thinking create a truly responsive website?
What are the patterns of the future?
How does design thinking slow down and speed up your projects?


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On Wed / 10:45-11:45a / MHB4A, according to the schedule booklet

Depends on when the schedule booklet was printed. Last year it was out of date by the time the conference had actually started.

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