Building an Internal Training and Assessment Program

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What and why

We are in the midst of a critical labor shortage for qualified Drupal developers. They simply aren’t available. The only opportunity you have as a project manager or engineering director is to train. No one is dealing with the scaling issue more than Acquia right now. Using a combination of mentoring, classroom, external resources and the Drupal community at large, we are solving this problem. Come and learn some techniques which you can apply in your organization to hire, train and retain your technical talent.

What will I get out of this session?

Other than Jacob's soothing voice for 30 minutes (yes, going to keep it short):
  • An inside view into how we built and executed Acquia U
  • Some hacks you can use to improving mentoring / training at your organization
  • Ample time to ask questions and discuss learning Drupal
Also, if you're not a trainer or manager, but you are interested in joining the next batch of Acquia U, please attend!


Time slot: 
Tuesday 1:00pm-2:00pm
Business and strategy
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
How do I find enough qualified Drupal developers?
How do I know if someone is qualified for a position?
How should I structure mentorship programs?
What resources are available to help me train my staff?
Does Acquia suck up all the Drupal talent? NO! - Okay, I answered that one already…
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