Building Beautiful, Dynamic Forms in Drupal 7

Forms aren't just for harvesting information, they're opportunities to build serious karma with your audience and set the right atmosphere on your site. In this session, I talk you through some principles that will help you deliver the warm fuzzies without getting in the way of a form's essential purpose, and we'll cover in detail how to implement several common form enhancements like in-field labels, conditional input display and on-focus style changes, among several others. While we will be talking through PHP code, illustrating CSS styles and demonstrating some fun jQuery, feel free to attend just for the ideas. If you're a developer, you may have some ah-ha moments when we walk through how to set up and infinitely expanding registration form with Ajax, and non-developers will likely gain some insight into a range of possibilities for form enhancement that they might never have heard of. We'll be using a default Drupal 7 installation for the demonstration, so you can bring your laptop with a clean installation of Drupal if you'd like to follow along. We'll be supplying a link to a download for all the code we use at the beginning of the demonstration.


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Wednesday 1:00pm-2:00pm
Design and user experience
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Questions answered by this session: 
How can you create dynamic form elements in Drupal 7 with Ajax?
What are some design principles for forms that will help my users enjoy the experience of filling them out?
How do you use the #states attribute in a form to dynamically evolve a form without any server-side callbacks?
What defines a usable, functional form?


Hi chris I want to create multiple dynamic forms from admin , and frondend user can able fill the forms which is dynamically created by the admin ,

Advance thanks

From the slide, download the modules/example code at:

I really enjoyed this session.

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