Big Websites for Small Screens: Case Study

ICANN is the organization responsible for coordinating global use of the domain name system (DNS). Due to the massive scale of their operations they serve users of all types, from feature phone users in Africa to iPad users in LA. This session will take you through Four Kitchens' process of redesigning from static HTML to a responsive Drupal 7 website.

Topics covered in this case study:

  • Determine the IA and new content strategy first.
  • Establish user personas to help inform design decisions.
  • Create wireframes for mobile, tablets, and desktop layouts.
  • Develop a mobile-first, responsive theme in Drupal.
  • Creating a framework for responsive content, including images, video and JavaScript.
It took serious planning to design and produce a large-scale, mobile-first website that serves users all across the globe. In this panel web chefs Zach Meyer, Todd Nienkerk, and Chris Ruppel will be going through the journey of how Four Kitchens relaunched as a responsive website.
Time slot: 
Tuesday 5:00pm-6:00pm
Experience level: 
Questions answered by this session: 
How can you effectively wireframe for multiple devices (desktops, tablets, phones) and contexts (landscape vs portrait, smaller vertical space for compressed "above the fold" layouts)?
How does content strategy change in a mobile context?
How do you plan UX around user personas?
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