The Next Phase: Selecting DrupalCon Denver Sessions

Session submissions closed last week, and you are probably wondering what the next phase is. Here are some things that are worth knowing for the weeks to come.


Announcing The Drupal Means Business Event

In today’s world, it’s not enough to have great technology in order to achieve widespread adoption. People have to know the product exists, how to use it, how it will integrate into their systems, how it will save them time, how it will make them money, etc. While the answers to these questions may be obvious to those within the community, businesses evaluating Drupal against other options may not be as informed. This gap in information represents one of Drupal’s biggest challenges. It also represents a huge opportunity.


Open Call for Training Proposals for DrupalCon Denver

DrupalCon Denver is now accepting training proposals from experienced instructors who are knowledgable about Drupal and can provide a great learning experience for participants. To submit a proposal, please fill out the official webform before the deadline, November 10, 2011, 23:59:59 UTC/GMT -7.


Eight days left to submit sessions for DrupalCon Denver

Session proposals are still being accepted for the next DrupalCon, being held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, March 19 -23, 2012. The conference theme is "Collaborative Publishing for Every Device" and the deadline to submit sessions is October 26, 2011 23:59:59 UTC/GMT -7. Submit your session today!


Drupalcon Denver Outreach

The Drupal community is awesome, but is only one part of the larger open source community. There are plenty of great speakers that the Drupal community could benefit from seeing speak, if only we could get them to DrupalCon.

So we're going to try and get them to DrupalCon.

We would like to reach out to luminaries outside the Drupal world to invite them to come speak. Not just keynotes, but other influential developers, designers, and business people.


Scholarships Now Available For DrupalCon Denver

Scholarship applications are now being accepted for Drupal Community members to have registration costs covered for the three-day event who would otherwise not be able to attend without financial assistance.

Details about the application process are listed on our Scholarships page, including qualifications, application instructions and a link to the application form.

The deadline to apply is Nov. 18, 2011.


We don't build them like we used to - The Design and UX Track

We are in the midst of a huge change. Websites are no longer bound to the desktop screen. Interfaces are expected to adapt as users interact with them in different contexts. The web is changing and so is the way in which we build it.

We can no longer assume that our designs are going to be viewed within a fixed size viewport. By laying a solid design foundation and defining patterns, we position our web applications to adapt to whatever screen and device the future throws at us.


DrupalCon is Serious Business: What you can expect to learn about Business and Strategy with Drupal

Enough with the fun and games already: Drupal is serious business, and the Business and Strategy Track is here to prove it. With a focus on strategic planning and business management, this track will provide insight on meeting the real-world challenges of today’s economy for organizations adopting Drupal.


Drupal Makes a Difference - the Nonprofit, Government and Education Track

The Nonprofit, Government and Education track is focused on ways organizations can best leverage Drupal to achieve greater community impact. Strategies in fundraising, community building, organizing and data management are constantly evolving and so are the numerous ways Drupal is being used to achieve success in these areas. We're excited to feature two speakers: Jeff Walpole and Zach Chandler.


Building and Engaging the Drupal Community

The Drupal Community track will be used for discussing and presenting ways to continue to grow the Drupal Community. As the community grows, we are continually faced with the issue on how to keep the communications open and helpful to as many members as possible.


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