Tickets and Registration are Available Online - Apply for Discount Pricing While it Lasts!

Now is the time to register for not just a noteworthy event, but your opportunity to connect with a world-wide community using Drupal to collaborate, connect and improve our online experience. Go ahead: Register Now!

Drupal Elevated!

DrupalCon is exciting - there is something for everyone, whether you are already using Drupal or considering it for your online needs and want to know more. Expect to learn about the future of open-source content management; to see what unique tools and features developers are using for fields such as commerce and mobile development; to talk with and hear about high-profile operations using Drupal; and most of all, expect to be surprised by how much fun you will have in the process!

Get your tickets early. Pricing for registration starts at $350 per person, and late pricing begins February 21, 2012 at $400. Volume tickets are available - just use the "Purchase Vouchers" link found on the registration form. Discount pricing is available for students, non-profit employees, and "Sprint Leads" - to register with a discount, you will need to apply for the specific discount you wish to receive separately. Discount registration applications are available starting September 15, 2011 - all applications are linked on our Registration page.

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