The Next Phase: Selecting DrupalCon Denver Sessions

Session submissions closed last week, and you are probably wondering what the next phase is. Here are some things that are worth knowing for the weeks to come.

Some Changes to Session Selection Process

A lot of people within the community voiced concerns regarding the early session submission deadline. We have made some changes that allow track chairs to work together with speakers on updating and adapting the content as time passes, to be able to have the most current and relevant content. Here's the new timeline:

  • 14 November 2011: Session rating closes (see below)
  • 17 November 2011: 80% of sessions selected per track
  • 7 December 2011: Preliminary schedule announced
  • 11 January 2012: Remaining 20% of sessions selected per track
  • 25 January 2012: Final schedule announced

We received 565 session proposals for the 8 tracks of DrupalCon Denver! The track chair committee will select all remaining sessions from those proposals. As explained above, track chairs are free to reach out to speakers and work with them regarding proposals, whose topic may be subject to change before the conference. This is purely optional. Of course, if track chairs can make a choice already and fill up their track, they can do so.

How Do Track Chairs Select Sessions?

The track chair committee is using the following criteria when selection sessions:

  • The proposed topic is in line with vision of track, is relevant for the Drupal community and promises to be of high quality.
  • The questions answered in the session are relevant and coherent and are aligned with vision of track.
  • Track chairs evaluate the proposer's speaking experience, taking into account previous session evaluations and other materials provided.
  • Track chairs also attempt to balance experience level within a track.
  • 30% of total session slots per track are allocated to new DrupalCon presenters.

How Can You Give Your Input?

You can give your feedback on sessions starting now. We will close session rating on November 14th, 23:59:59 UTC/GMT -7. Session rating is done simply by indicating your level of interest in the various session proposals. Please keep in mind that track chairs use ratings as one of many criteria in the session selection process. See the list of proposed sessions and rate now.

DrupalCon Denver promises to be informative, exciting and a wonderful time to network with the Drupal community. Thank you for everyone who submitted a proposal. Each of you are making DrupalCon Denver one of the best ever. We'll see you in Denver in March!


I didn't submit anything because it was too early. Reading this looks it would've best to submit [placeholder] hoping people will like whatever I come up by mid-January?

Beautiful website, but I have a slight suggestion regarding the rating of sessions:

It'd be really nice if we could page through the sessions (perhaps using the custom pager module). Right now, if I want to rate a session, and then go to the next one I have to do the following:

1) Go to the session list
2) Click on the session I wish to rate
3) Rate said session
4) Hit the back button
5) Scroll down to the session that I just rated
6) Click on the next session
7) Go to 3)

PS. I'd like to place a vote for CHX's [placeholder] session :)


+1 for [anything] chx has to say.

I'd suggest that any of the real Drupal rockstars (I'd include chx in that list, for sure) should be allowed to submit a late proposal for (almost) automatic acceptance: Criteria for "VIP treatment" might include that these are people who’ve been involved in the Drupal community 5+ years, have presented with good reviews at previous DrupalCons, and are involved enough in the community to be aware of what sessions are needed and of new developments in the coming months which might be good for a session, but would be too late for the initial session proposals.

People as involved in the community as chx is have a lot of balls they are juggling, so expecting them to keep an eye on the session proposal process and submit during the narrow frame expected ... well, let's just say that we should try to make sure these guys aren't excluded from speaking because of formalities which they missed months in advance of the conference.

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