DrupalCon Training: Drupal Powered E-Commerce

One of the many great applications of Drupal is E-Commerce. If you’ve ever built or managed an online store, you know that choosing the right framework can make a huge difference in your workload. From managing products to issuing refunds, e-commerce sites prove to be a challenge, even for experienced developers.

Commerce Guys is offering a March 19 pre-conference training session focused on e-commerce with Drupal 7.

Drupal Commerce is the fastest growing E-Commerce framework built on Drupal 7, Rules, and Views. It allows you to modify and customize every aspect of the online shopping experience.

This training is structured to provide both lessons and hands-on experience with Drupal Commerce. By walking through the entire process of setting up an online store, you’ll be able to see how to:

  • List multiple product types.
  • Customize the Add to Cart forms, Shopping Cart views, and the Checkout form.
  • Use Rules to create discounts and charge taxes.
  • Configure and track payments.
  • Generate customized shipping quotes.

What do people have to say about Training by Commerce Guys?

"I have been telling everyone how great the Commerce Guys training is. They are great developers and they also know how to train people with a thorough way and easy-to-follow approach. I highly recommend taking their training classes. I hope to keep learning about Drupal Commerce."
-- Hector Iribarne, Co-Organizer of the Broward County, Florida Users Group.

"Having [Drupal Commerce] training gives us the confidence to handle more complex online business projects. We highly recommend this training to anyone who has or will be soon working with Drupal commerce projects. Having a real-world point of reference for the training definitely helps to bring clarity and specific business-case applicability to the lessons learned, and allows you to ask pointed questions that give you an even deeper grasp of the technology."
-- Pedro Lozano, Developer at Bluespark Labs

This course is offered on Monday, March 19, 2012 - the day before DrupalCon Denver begins. You won’t have to worry about missing any exciting DrupalCon Denver events if you register for this course.

Learn more and sign up here.

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