Announcing The Drupal Means Business Event

In today’s world, it’s not enough to have great technology in order to achieve widespread adoption. People have to know the product exists, how to use it, how it will integrate into their systems, how it will save them time, how it will make them money, etc. While the answers to these questions may be obvious to those within the community, businesses evaluating Drupal against other options may not be as informed. This gap in information represents one of Drupal’s biggest challenges. It also represents a huge opportunity.

Drupal Means Business is one of many efforts to bridge the gap. If we can better inform, educate, and connect with companies that can benefit from using Drupal, our community will continue to thrive and grow.

Specifics: What is It?

Drupal Means Business is…

  • A one day event that runs in parallel with DrupalCon’s Thursday schedule.
  • A place for companies to network with other companies in the same industry.
  • A place for companies to connect with Drupal shops.
  • An opportunity for companies to learn best practices and tips from other businesses who have “gone Drupal.”
  • A forum for companies to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and see if Drupal is the right fit for them.

Want more information? Visit the Drupal Means Business page for registration information, schedule, and more.

Spread the Word

Drupal Means Business is not just a label. It’s a fact. Drupal has grown from a dorm room project into a world class platform that is powering developer communities, media websites, mom and pop store fronts, enterprise portals, and everything in between. It’s creating jobs for developers and reducing IT costs for businesses. It’s generating opportunities for new technologies and new ways to create, manage, deliver content.

By helping bring more companies into the community, you are helping grow these opportunities and helping the community as a whole. So please direct, invite, and recommend any company you know to attend the Drupal Means Business event.

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