Lead Tracking and QR Codes

The DrupalCon Denver 2012 attendee badges have QR codes. These codes are embedded with attendees’ contact information in a text file. You can capture the contact information with your smartphone’s QR code reader app to later transfer to your computer.

Q: How does it work?
A: With the appropriate software, your smartphone’s camera doubles as a scanner and will read the text embedded in the QR code.

Q: How can I ensure a good scan?
A: Hold your phone parallel to the badge and position the code in the center of the viewfinder window.

Q: What data is included?
A: The contact information embedded in the QR code depends on what the attendee entered when registering for DrupalCon 2011. If provided, the data will include, in this order: first name, last name, title, company, and email.

Q: What app should I use?
A: There are many apps to choose from, and many are free. For the iPhone we recommend QRafter (free). Android phones come with Barcode Scanner.

Q: Great! How do I get the data off my phone?
A: iPhone, using QRafter: You’ll be prompted to either email the text or copy it to the Clipboard. If you copy to the Clipboard, you can paste to Notes and email the contents in batches. Android, using Barcode Scanner: You’ll be prompted to email the text.

QR codes will contain first name, last name, title, company & email.

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