Trivia Night

Drupalcon trivia night is back - and this part it's official!

So make sure your schedule is free for Thursday evening,
to test your Drupal skills.

The quiz is presented by Drupal Ireland,
but we're not travelling to Denver in great numbers.

If anybody would like to help out on the night,
just let us know here. We'll have all the prep work done in advance -
we just need some help on the night to run the show.


Hey Alan,

Let me know what kind of help you're looking for and I may be able to pitch in. Also, (just pinged you on Twitter) let me know if you'd like any prizes from Build a for the winners.


Thanks Chris - We just need a few volunteers to help run the quiz.
Collect answer sheets - correct the questions etc - nothing too tricky!
Thanks for the offer of prizes - much appreciated!

Colorado mountains