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There's a train of some sort that runs very late to/from the convention center. I don't know the details but I know it goes to Parker. Ok, I guess this is really vague, sorry. My mom lives in Parker so I'm just counting on her to know where I need to go. LOL! Not sure it's worth submitting this post but, eh, maybe it will be useful to someone. :)

Hi - To be clear, there is no train to Parker. Denver has a Light Rail system. Some lines run between downtown and the southwest suburbs (Englewood, Littleton). Other lines run between downtown and the southeast suburbs (Centennial, south Aurora, Highlands Ranch). No lines run to Parker. Here's the map and schedule link: Enjoy!

Thanks for the map. Not sure why you're saying it doesn't go there... I can see Lincoln Ave right there on the map: E/F. Good to have details, though, so I can see about fares and timing. Thanks!

I'm not super familiar with the area as I only go there every few years and didn't realize that my parents live right on the edge of Parker. So 5 miles down the road is no longer technically Parker. :)

I was technically incorrect as well :) I think the Lincoln station on the E/F line is in "Lone Tree" and not exactly Highlands Ranch. Silly suburbs can be confusing!

Yeah, it is. And my parents live in Stonegate in Parker which is just down Lincoln so it's nearly walking distance. (My mom will drive me, though. :)

If you want to bike around the Denver area, you can rent bikes (hourly/daily/weekly) through Denver B-Cycle. There are stations all around Denver. Take a look:

I'll be driving from/to Colorado Springs the following days.

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I'm still working out times. I've got 4 seats available.
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