After Hours Boardgame Meeting?

Hey folks!

I know in the past we've had some get-togethers to play interesting board games at Drupalcons, and now that we're here in my home state, I think we should do another one.

I've got a fairly decent sized collection, and I could bring a few of them in for a late night get together of rolling dice and moving meeples around. Feel free to suggest any you're interested in here - I've got classics such as Carcassone and Catan, all the way to new stuff like Miskatonic School for Girls. :)

Off the top of my head, I'm thinking of a Wednesday night get together - thoughts?

I'd be interested! As far as my more portable games go, I could bring Race for the Galaxy if that would be of interest.

My Drupalganger (gf) and I are bringing the card game Dominion with us. What time Wednesday were you thinking? Because we plan on going to the Applied Trust party at Tarantulas that night.

I'm up for a game of Catan.

So - Wednesday night! As to exactly when, probably give folks time to get some food and come back, so I may try to find a place to set up at 7 or 8. I realize that overlaps with the evening social events involving beer and partying, but that's part of the point - something to do that doesn't involve beer or partying, which sadly I'm not that good at.

I'm not sure where will be a good place to set up at yet - it somewhat depends on what rooms are available when at the convention center. Ideas?

Hey folks - I think I've got a good idea of where to meet and play.

When you're coming in from 14th and walk back past registration, there's a sea of tables beyond and to the right, over by one of their food booths. Over in that area, there's a smaller area that's partitioned off with half-walls - that would be a good spot to sit, pile up games, and start playing.

Hanging out over by the 'A little something' between registration and where the keynotes have been. I've got a small pile of games - waiting to see who shows up.

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