Where are the Drupalgangers?

Are there any other Drupalgangers supporters who would want to get together and explore Denver? Cafes/Museums/City Park/How about a run either road or trail?

I'll be there with my 15 month old and we'd love to get out and see the town with people. He loves exploring the outdoors and a museum would be great is the weather isn't favorable.

If there are others traveling with children, I was thinking it might be fun to coordinate a Music Together class with a local teacher.

I will be there and I live in Denver. I now have a 6 month old Daughter so we can walk some down town and can help be the on site person for contact. We maybe limited an where I will be going with her. Some suggestion I was thinking if people are interested in the Denver Mint, ( free) I will need to get a list of those interested and reserve space now for a tour. So please let me know those who are interested and I can try to see when we can go and reserve space for us. They fill up so you have to request several weeks ahead.

I'd like to go to the mint if it doesn't conflict with something at the con that I want to attend.


I made reservations for the Denver Mint. They are pretty booked, but was able to reserve two spots for 7-8 people, one on Monday and one on Tuesday both at 2 pm. These are free but the reservations book early. So we can decide to go on monday or tuesday. I was hoping for Tuesday as the Art museum is closed on Mondays and would make a good combination to do the Art museum ad the Mint together.

I would like to take my 2 kids, ages 14 and 10, to the mint. Are there still some tickets available? Tuesday would be best for me. Thanks - Rachel VanDemark

My wife, TammyFiala, is the one who's theoretically in charge of these sort of things. I suggest contacting her directly if you've got something for her to see, as I suspect she doesn't check this board every day.

Just a word on the Denver Mint, even though the tour is at 2 pm they are asking that we arrive at 1:30 to get in and screened before going on the tour. IF you are interested in going on Monday ( 8 spots available) or Tuesday ( 4 spots now available) please e-mail or contact me directly so that I can give you specifics on the tour. Thanks.

There is a new schedule being posted, including Molly Brown House on Tuesday with the Art Museum and the Denver mint. Wednesday is Botanical Gardens weather permitting, Thursday Denver Zoo and Museum of Nature and Science ( within walk distance of each other) and Friday is Denver Aquarium and the Children's Museum. The Colorado History Museum is Closed until April 28th which is unfortunate.

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