Unofficial Media initiative (update and roadmap)

The maintainers and supporters of the Media module have started forming their own "unofficial" initiative to help support the Media project, its related contrib projects, and to help bring organize improvements to Drupal core related to file and media handling.

Come to this session to get a brief overview of how the Media and File entity modules interact with core, and a progress and roadmap report for the Drupal Media initiative, including tasks and features targeted for core.

I will be hosting a Media sprint on the Friday after DrupalCon (March 23) and for anyone interested in participating, I would highly encourage you to attend this core conversation.

Wed, 10:45am to 11:45am
Core Conversations
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This talk was great, thanks! Are the slides available anywhere?

I've added a link to the slides in the content above. Thanks for the reminder!

Note the video from this talk is included in Moshe's Upal core conversation since we shared the time: The Media core conversation starts at about 28 minutes in.

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