Is anyone going up skiing before or after the conference? It would be fun to pull a group together!

I'm interested. I can ski for the weekend. We can share rental (and maybe accomodations) expenses.

I snowboard every Saturday up at Keystone, A-Basin, or Breckenridge. If anyone wants to meet at probably Keystone I am available Saturday.

I've been looking forward to Denver since it was announced last year in Chicago. I've also been looking forward to seeing my brothers and friends (I moved away from "home" last year) for the longer part of a year. We typically go camping or have some outing every year, but with grad school, weddings, family and other responsibilities, we haven't been able to get together for nearly two years. Anyway, long story short, I'm hoping that the entire week, or at least a few days before DrupalCon, to get everyone together. I love Drupal, and what better place to get friends together! I still think that there is probably time to get some package deals together for those of us from out-of-town, but would also be willing to help get a larger group of Drupal'rs together for a week of fun on the slopes. I've never been to Denver, and don't know which resorts are close enough to town, or which have shuttles to and from the airport. Any locals available to direct?

I havent skied in years but would love to, especially to say I've skied the rockies

I'll be heading to Leadville, CO after the conference but would love to get together with a group on Friday and/or Saturday to try snowboarding. It could be a real comedy show.


Definitely interested!!! I'll tweet, FB, Google+1 this page!

Is this forum from the Conference Organizers helping to plan a ski/snowboard weekend March 24-25th or just some independent Attendees organizing themselves?

I'd be totally interested in talking about accommodations near or on the mountain for Sat/Sun night too!! So if anyone else wants to make a weekend of it, let me know.


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Does Winter Park (or another ski resort) still offer night skiing? I'll be in town for the week and would love to head up to ski, I'm just not sure it makes sense to trash a conference day.

The only buzz-kill I have is that I'm flying into Denver (from Madison WI) on the Sunday evening before DrupalCon and flying out the following Friday afternoon. Needless to say my schedule is jam-packed with Drupal fun.

While I've been skiing plenty of times before in the Denver/Summit county areas, it would be great to go skiing with all of you while we're all out there.

I'd need to rent skis & boots too (too much junk to carry along for just 1 day/night of skiing).

As for night skiing, I've done it several times area here but have only done it once before in CO. I just don't remember if it was at Keystone or Winter Park. Anyhow, if there was a resort in the area that did have night skiing offered during the week, well, how awesome would that be?!?!?


Although I'm not involved in planning it and do *not* have any details, I do know there is an official Drupalcon ski trip planned that will include transportation to and from downtown Denver. The official ski trip will most likely also involve discounted group lift tickets.

But again, I'm not directly involved with this part of Drupalcon, so I don't have any details... just thought I'd give you all a bit of notice so you don't have to do a bunch of unnecessary planning.

I'm flying back on Saturday, so unfortunately the official trip doesn't work for me. I was thinking about the day trim to Loveland on Saturday.

In case anyone hasn't seen it. Here's the recently posted details about the official ski trip:

I'm looking to spend the Friday riding Breckenridge. Anybody heading there Fri. morn and coming back in the eve? I'll pay the gas.

Let me know.

I am heading up on Friday, probably about 10 AM.

I could help you one way. I am coming back Sunday afternoon.

I'm looking to share accommodation / car pool up this weekend. Send me an email: .

Anyway, long story short, I'm hoping that the entire week, or at least a few days before DrupalCon, to get everyone together. I love Drupal, and what better place to get friends together

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