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Date: Monday, March 19, 2012
Session Time: 9:00am-6:00pm
Room: 503
Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.
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In "Site Building and More", students will be guided through the process of creating a fully functional Drupal web site, exploring essential Drupal modules (like Views and Pathauto), learning important concepts ( such as what nodes are, how to use taxonomy) and tweaking the look and feel of the site with CSS and other tools.

This training was piloted at the Bay Area Drupal Camp in 2011, and got a fantastic response.

Unlike a traditional, lecture-based training, students will instead work at their own pace through a set of short, carefully produced training videos covering the complete site-building process. By using video training instead of a live lecture model, students will be able to work at their own speed, pausing where they need to, replaying material they didn't get the first time around, and skipping material they're already familiar with. And instead of lecturing, the trainers will be free 100% of the time to help individuals through tricky spots or point them in the right direction.

If you've ever zoned out during a lecture and found yourself a little lost, or been frustrated that the short time available for questions gets taken up with discussion you're not interested in, this is the perfect environment for you. You can take breaks when you need, tackle exactly what you need to learn (or we'll help you figure out what that is) and get a lot of personal expert advice along the way.

When you arrive, we will get you oriented to the course material and give you a custom curriculum focused at your particular skill level, tackling the subjects you need to cover. We will be leveraging a set of communication tools to allow students to form small groups around a specific topic if they'd like to work with others, and allow us to address as many issues and questions as possible throughout the day.

All levels of experience with Drupal will come out of this training having made a huge step up the Drupal learning curve, guaranteed. If students find they are already familiar with the site building material, they can move on to other videos to learn Drupal theming, version control or module building as well.

Who will gain the most from this course?

Our focus for this training will be on Drupal site building, which involves creating a Drupal site purely though the front-end interface. This means no coding experience is required.
Students who are new to Drupal will learn the most essential concepts needed to effectively work within a Drupal site. More experienced students will learn how to pull these concepts together to create a fully functioning Drupal site. For those who discover that they're beyond the learning curve for site building, there will be additional material and mentorship for moving into advanced topics like developing modules, modifying themes and using version control.
All experience levels are welcome to the training, and every student will come away learning something new and exciting, guaranteed.

What will you learn?

For students new to Drupal, you will be building a Drupal site from the ground up. We'll important concepts like nodes, menus, views and taxonomy. We also dive into setting up user permissions and configuring a Wysiwyg. A day isn't quite enough time to do it all, but we'll get you started with the following:

  • How to install Drupal and get a full local Drupal environment set up
  • How to interpret a client web page mockup
  • How to navigate Drupal
  • How to create content and content types
  • How to use the Views module to create lists of content
  • How to set up menus
  • How to create URL aliases
  • And lots, lots more, this is just the start!
For students who find they're already familiar with the site building material, there are additional video collections available where you can learn the following:
  • How to create a simple module
  • How to use the major Drupal APIs
  • How to manipulate themed output
  • How to create a theme from scratch and create a sub-theme
  • How to use Git to version control a site
  • How to establish a development to production workflow using version control, the Features module and Drush
Our mentors will be experienced in more advanced topics as well as the site building material, so you will have expert help when you have questions or run into issues, regardless of your experience level.

What will you receive during the course?

Students will get a free 90-day membership to Build a, a site that includes over 500 Drupal focused video tutorials, starting 10 days before the training. Students will also get a single handout with a list of resources for getting help both during and after the training.

Pre-requisites for the course

There are no pre-requisites for this training, although you will get the most out of the training if you come with Drupal environment already set up. See here for a tutorial on setting up a Drupal environment for Windows or for Mac:
Students should also come with 2 things: A laptop and a set of headphones. Having a set of isolating earphones will help you stay focused even when there is discussion around you. You can get an $4 set on Amazon here:

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  • Cost (in combination w/conference admission): $350.00
  • Cost (w/o conference admission): $450.00
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