Lightning Talk: Mobile Essentials for Drupal

This session cover Mobile design strategy, Enterprise mobile development, mobile e-commerce and how to get the most out of Drupal and next generation of Windows Phone devices.

Mobile Design Strategy: An Introduction

While everyone wants their site to be "mobile-friendly", not everyone is agreed on what that means. With so many different approaches available, deciding which one is appropriate for your Web presence can be a daunting task. We'll explore some of the questions you should be asking as you form a mobile strategy for your Web presence and briefly cover some of the different ways you can leverage Drupal to make your site more "mobile-friendly".

Speaker: George DeMet (gdemet), Palantir

Enterprise mobile development and integrating with Drupal

As Drupal developers, designers and themers, it's foolish for us to continue to assume that our work will only be viewed on a laptop or a desktop screen.
Today's website must deliver a tailored experience to the mobile web user that utilizes unique capabilities only available on such a device - geolocation, screen rotation, etc. This experience must be just as flawless as it is on their full size device. The mobile user expects personalization, interactivity and adjustments to his / her context.
We will go over business and architectural options for providing your content or moving your app to mobile users.

  1. third party (mobify) theme option
  2. different themes via Drupal
  3. responsive design
  4. Mobile app via services

Speaker: Andrew Kucharski (akucharsk), Promet Host

Mobile Commerce

This lightening talk will give an overview of where the mobile market is headed and why it changes how we look at eCommerce.

Speaker: Mike O'Connor (mikejoconnor), Commerce Guys

Windows Phone: a Platform for Drupal Mobile Apps

The IT world is moving fast-forward towards devices with new form factors and usage patterns suitable for mobility. Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Windows are doing their part in redefining the concept of application and user experience. At the same time, Microsoft commitment to open standards and interoperability brought up IE9 and the forthcoming IE10 as an ideal platform for Drupal Mobile (the dark ages of IE 6 are far away :-) ). During this session we will demonstrate how to get the best out of Drupal and the next generation of Windows Phone devices, including some practical Javascript debugging tips.

Speaker: Alessandro Pilotti (alexpilotti), Microsoft

Tue, 03:45pm to 04:45pm
Day Stage
Colorado mountains