Lessons in Social Driving: How to Make a Smart Car Smarter with Drupal

It’s a fact: technology has revolutionized the quality of entertainment in nearly every aspect of our lives, but one area remains woefully under-served: In-Vehicle-Infotainment, or IVI. Car manufacturers the world over have yet to implement well-conceived, feature-rich, user- friendly systems that seamlessly integrate with popular smartphones, tablets and laptops.
And now using D7, WorkHabit is poised to cast Drupal in a breakout role to solve this problem elegantly: sitting on top of a Linux build, with Sass and node.js implementations, we present Drupalcar for your viewing, listening, and interacting pleasure.

Speakers: Jakob Perry (japerry) and Sam Richard (Snugug).

Wed, 02:15pm to 03:15pm
Day Stage
Colorado mountains