I just want to edit a node

The node editing experience has improved with each major release of Drupal. What next steps will Drupal 8 take? This conversation will bring up aspects of the node UI that content editors may find unintuitive. Robin and I will bring lessons we've learned maintaining Workbench Moderation, a module that alters the front-end node form as well as parts of the node_save() routine. This conversation will touch on, but is not limited to:
  • The node preview button vs. saving drafts.
  • The published/create revision/sticky checkboxes.
  • Interplay between fields and non-field elements.
  • How to save drafts of a node after it has been published.
  • Enforcing new revisions.
  • Default revision messages.
  • EDIT: slides and follow-up at http://groups.drupal.org/node/218864
    Tue, 05:00pm to 05:30pm
    Core Conversations
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    Any chance that there will be discussions about inline editing?

    Sad I won't be able to make it to this conversation, as I'll be presenting at the same time.

    Regarding the node preview, I'd like to make a proposal (or perhaps just suggest it here). The CTools object cache needs to go in core for a few reasons (Views and Panels use it, sure, but if we put Form Builder in core it will need it too). But we should explore utilizing it for the node form.

    Having an object cache would allow:
    - AJAX auto-saving of the node form, making it so users wouldn't loose work if they left the page.
    - Make it possible to temporarily store a node in the cache so we could make a true preview page at a separate URL that looked just like the final output.
    - Provide a locking mechanism similar to Views that would warn and prevent multiple people from editing a single node at the same time.

    Just some interesting thoughts from an architecture perspective. The great thing is we could implement this from the technical standpoint without needing to wait on the UI overhaul that the UX team is putting together.

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