Five things we need to create an awesome experience for content creators

More and more people are choosing a CMS based on what their editors want, not just what the IT staff feels is technically sound. The experiences of authors and editors already eclipses the technical foundations of a system for small-to-medium sites, and it may soon for medium-to-large sites too. People are craving an experience that passes the "grandparents test" when it comes to creating and publishing content. We're seeing rich content experience talked about in conversations with our clients, in the features of other CMS systems, and the messages of companies with proprietary alternatives.

Drupal is traditionally a strong technical product that tries to balance the basic needs of authors and editors. We need to do more. This includes innovating in Drupal core to have a better set of tools for content editors built-in, and enable the tools to be extended more broadly through contributed modules.

This talk will share research gathered from large enterprise users, competitor comparisons, and end user feedback, about how Drupal can be at competitive parity and innovate in this area. We'd like to share our findings with you.

Specifically, we'd like to focus on the following:

  • Authoring and editing for multiple (mobile) devices
  • Media management and content repositories
  • Content staging and publish / subscribe models
  • Page layouts
  • Authoring tools

We’ll present competitive analysis from other CMSes / frameworks and where they’re currently beating Drupal and how we can beat ‘em back. :)

Tue, 05:30pm to 06:00pm
Core Conversations
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Is there a video online anywhere for this session?


I added the slides, but I had to strip all the embedded vids. I've included links to each of the ones we presented.

Chris, any chance of providing the slides in a more OS agnostic format such as a PDF?


It is now up in PDF format for your multi-platform viewing pleasure :-)

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