Explanations When You Need Them Most: Drupal in the ER- A Case Study

Abstract: Working as partners, NewMedia! and a large hospital network are leveraging Drupal across multiple platforms of mobile devices to improve patient experience in the Emergency Room. This collaboration allows us to utilize and extend Drupal core features to create a unique web application that simultaneously addresses patient needs, expedites hospital workflow, and reduces the communication gap between patients and providers in the Emergency Room.

During this session we will discuss how we utilized Forms API, an HTML5 video player, and the Drupal framework to provide a dynamic mobile interaction between hospital administrators, patients and healthcare providers.

Speakers: Steve Morris (NewMediaDenver), Ryan Coulombe (crystaldawn), Brandt Reed (bjreed) and Katie McCreary (ktlynn)

Wed, 01:00pm to 02:00pm
Day Stage
Colorado mountains