Enterprise Drupal Gardens, OpenSaaS Site Factory

This session will be a discussion about Enterprise Drupal Gardens, specifically how a number of leading organizations are using the OpenSaaS platform to create and manage hundreds of websites. We will review real-world Acquia customer case studies and discuss why OpenSaaS was a critical factor in their technology selection process.

Enterprise Drupal Gardens offers a new approach to the traditional software-as-a-service model, as OpenSaaS brings the freedom and spirit of open source to applications built and run in the cloud. OpenSaaS Enterprise Drupal Gardens combines the operational efficiencies of software-as-a-service with the freedom of open source, eliminating the lock-in typical of most SaaS applications.

In this session, we will how Enterprise Drupal Gardens helps organizations create their own site factory to accelerate innovation, reduce operational costs, and deliver killer web experiences.

Speaker: Bryan House (bhouse), Acquia

Thu, 10:45am to 11:45am
Day Stage
Colorado mountains