Drupal on the Go: Three Keys to Low-Cost Mobile

It’s time to stop ignoring mobile. Over half of U.S. adults now have apps on their phones, and mobile web usage is tripling every year. In 2012, it’s more likely than ever that your customers and supporters will access your content on a mobile device rather than a computer.

So how do you take your content mobile without re-inventing the wheel? Using real world examples, we’ll show you three key ways that Drupal can efficiently “mobilize” your enterprise and increase the reach and effectiveness of your messaging.

You’ll learn:

  • Mobile Websites: How to economically create sites that display beautifully on multiple devices from a single Drupal codebase.
  • Mobile Apps: How to use Drupal-managed content to power native iOS and Android apps.
  • Mobile Visualization: How to make sure your data-visualizations and maps are tablet and mobile-device ready.

Kurt Voelker (kvoelker), Chief Technology Officer, Forum One Communications
Aaron Zinck (azinck), Senior Programmer, Forum One Communications

Thu, 02:15pm to 03:15pm
Day Stage
Colorado mountains