Core product: 3 is the magic number

Connecting the dots for Portfolio, Snowman & Butler

We all acknowledge the still growing complexity. A one-shot, generic and unassuming install will not provide a useful onramp experience for anyone. We have to think in multiples here and define explicit, narrow use cases to help people wrap their heads around the awesome. And a couple of them are out there already. Let me show you them.

Lets have a quick update on where we are in making Drupal 8 the most powerful and easiest to use version of Drupal, ever. We’ll establish the playing field by a quick rundown of two main D8UX topics and see how we can apply these to help tackle a third:

Builder UX

We’re working to improve the site builder tools like modules page, field ui and the everything-is-a-block page builder tool that is part of WSCCI.

Editor UX

As clunky as the site builder tools may be, we provide even sparser options for people that work in Drupal sites to get the word out. Yet, making it easy for folk to actually create some content is about as core a feature can get. Let’s see how we’re doing there.

The total of how we pre-configure these two sets of tools is what to a large extent will define the core Product.

If community driven product development is not your thing, I still hope to show you how vital it is to dedicate time and effort on having this playground in core, right now. And ship the funnest parts of it with Drupal 8.

No cat pictures but I will sneak in some art history.

Wed, 05:00pm to 06:00pm
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