Best Practices: Team and Development Performance - Lightening Talk

Learn from industry experts on how to build strong Drupal development teams so they work together efficiently and produce high performance projects. This lightening talk will cover how to attract, retain and train teams plus release management best practices and how to solve the top Drupal performance issues.

Attract & Keep Drupal Talent

Want to know how to find, attract and keep top Drupal talent? Whether you have a virtual office or bricks and mortar shop, come find out how to keep your crew motivated, focused and unified.

Speakers: Hally Turner (DrupalGoddess), Director of Business Development & Anne Stefanyk (Annabella), Director of Client Services, Drupal Connect

Tips for Training a Great Team

Drupal keeps moving forward, and trying to keep your team (or yourself) up to speed requires effort. Whether you are hiring people new to Drupal who need an express on-ramp, or you already have a good team that you want to make even better, you need to invest time and resources into ongoing training. In this talk we'll look at some common situations where more Drupal knowledge is needed, tips for how to approach handling them, solid resources you can use to get non-Drupal people up to speed quickly, and how make existing Drupal people into experts.

Speakers: Addison Berry (add1sun), Drupalize.Me Product Manager & Trainer

Release Management Best Practices

This lightening talk will go over best practices for large scale enterprise teams in regards to devops and workflow management

Speaker: Kevin Bridges (cyberswat), Examiner

Solving the Top Drupal Performance Issues

If you're deploying Drupal apps on Acquia you'll want to attend this session "Finding and Fixing the Top Drupal Performance Issues." Bjorn Freeman-Benson, New Relic's vice president of engineering will offer attendees detailed guidance for identifying and resolving the top performance issues encountered with live production Drupal apps, such as:

  • Cache, JS/CSS aggregation disabled
  • Theme Registry Rebuild On Every Page Enabled
  • No Views Caching
  • No Panels Caching
  • No Block Caching
  • Statistics, Watchdog modules enabled

Speaker: Bjorn Freeman-Benson (bnfb), VP of Engineering, New Relic

Tue, 05:00pm to 06:00pm
Day Stage
Colorado mountains